Summary of University Research Grants


In the cosmetology field, the research grants will be provided for outstanding university courses that determine to challenge important themes which respond to high social demands and work to develop highly talented human resources who will lead the next generation.

University Courses Eligible to Apply the Grant

Educational research organizations (laboratory, research unit, project, etc.) offering university courses that address one of the following three fields
· Research on preventive medicine for skin diseases
· Research on functionality of cosmetics
· Research on cosmetic and quality of life

Qualification Requirements

A professor or associate professor responsible for the implementation plan and belonging to a graduate school, university, or affiliated research institution in Japan

Grant Amount, Grant Period, and Number of Selection

· Grant amount: Select one from 10 million yen, 20 million yen, or 30 million yen per year according to the implementation plan.
· Grant period: 2 or 3 years
· Number of planned selection: 3

Duties of the Recipient

·Representative researchers attend the grant presentation ceremony (30th anniversary ceremony of the Foundation) scheduled for November 25, 2020
· Submit of a report with the Foundation format after the grant period
· Report on progress of research and submit a detailed statement for grant usage
· Other